SEMUR-EN-AUXOIS, capital of Auxois, is a pure jewel of Burgundy. Its basilica is known under the name of COLLEGIALE NOTRE-DAME.

Lazare Bolley was christened on January 13, 1734.

It is on this date and in this place that our long story BOLLEY-BEAULE begins.

Two hundred sixty years later, in August of 1994, while some members of "L'ASSOCIATION DES DESCENDANTS DE LAZARE BOLLEY" were on a trip to France, a commemorative plaque was installed on the wall near the small and ancient baptismal font. Rev. Richard Beaulé, one of the directors of the association, officiated at this ceremony.

City Hall is located directly behind the church. Here visitors are received with friendliness and courtesy. It is there that we had access to the archives of Semur. During our visit, they said to us: "You are certainly numerous in America since we see some of you almost every year doing family research."

SEMUR-EN-AUXOIS, a fortified city protected by towers, is located along side the small Armançon River.

Our ancestor's place of birth is a must visit for all Beaulé tourists.